Sunday, July 28, 2013

Product review for my new ZAAG keyboard.

Finally got myself a keyboard for my iPad mini. It has turned into a mini laptop all of a sudden ❤ (boo just realized can't add emojis unless I turn off the keyboard.) Now I have to remember to actually check my spelling and also to use the shift key. Regardless it is better than typing on the touchscreen keyboard. It is pretty awesome. Also it has a backlight on the keyboard. WHICH lights up in many different colors. I prefer the turquoise, purple, white, and green lights. The other colors are a blue, a red (I hate the color red tho), and a yellow. Pretty neat. I feel like I can do so much with this awesome gadget. Even typing in the dark!!!! Now I just have to get used to the certain placing of the keys and some minor things that having such a small keyboard brings. Some of those things are smaller keys and some keys are merged together. Its okay tho. I will be uploading a photo soon too add to this entry. YAY!!!! I love helpful gadgets. I can now do anything work related or teaching related on this or blog related (as long as I'm connected to a wifi source).

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