Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If you know me AT ALL ... You all knew a post like this was to come eventually. A WHOLE post dedicated to the AWESOME Lady Gaga. But as I am coming to realize now there is quite a lot to say regarding her. Her music, her way of dressing, and everything else that comes along with one being a celebrity.

AND if you knew me even more you would know that I would be listening to her music as well. (Right now "Summerboy")

Okay so onwards to awesome post, that I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to write!!!

(Now "Telephone")

Well since I am listening to "Telephone" at the moment let me talk about this song, even though it is a bit out of order to the actual song sequence. Anyway so this song I find to be very interesting. Why? Well the song itself is intensely catchy. It has a BIG party vibe to it, and it talks about ... Well not wanting to answer a phone call ... And then there's a club mentioned, and her heart has been left on the dance floor, and Beyonce steps in. SO this song is pretty much awesome. Well then the video comes along, and it is the complete opposite of the song, which I mean oh well it's Gaga right? The only thing is that this video while it is related to the "Paparazzi" video it does not fully fit the song. There's a jail, people dead in a diner, cigarette glasses, lots of poison, a pussy wagon ... AND dancing lots of dancing around dead people. I have nothing against this video I love the amount of work into it, the outfits are incredible (well with the exception of the last ones with the huge amount of fabric. My favorite of them all would have to be the caution tape outfit, the US flag outfit, AND the cigarette glasses [there are also some comb glasses which are pretty rad]). Anyway what I do like about this video is the fact that well we all assumed the video was going to be predictable, but in the end it turned out to be completely unpredictable!!!!! And I appreciated that. Why? Because if it was going to be a dance/party video it would have turned into another "Just Dance" video. Therefore disrupting the way that the Lady Gaga videos have become, and in the end that would have been a sad day for the real Gaga fans who actually appreciate her off the wall videos.


Okay so now there are many more songs, "the CLASSICS" ... "Pokerface","Love Game", ...  All these songs are great. These songs have a poppier feel. They all have a different theme to them by the way she sings them. Let's take "Pokerface" for example ... She sings in a monotone sort of voice. Which makes it sound as if she really has no emotions regarding to men. Why? Let's take this lyric "I won't tell you that I love you. Cuz I'm bluffin' with my muffin." That pretty much says all that's necessary about the song and her monotype voice. It all fits well. I have to say that this was a song I listened to a lot non-stop when I was in a relationship I did not want to be in. "Love Game" well that one is straight up all about sex, whether and gender does not matter at all. Funny thing, this song actually made me like Lady Gaga. I did not know it was her, I have a tendency to not really like female singers, but something about her made me actually like and want to listen to all her cds.

Okay so let us move away from the songs for a bit (I want to talk so much about the songs that I need to break it up now and again!)


Onto Gaga's clothing. It has always been a topic of discussion and controversy. I happen to appreciate her wardrobe. She obviously has some straight up courage to wear some of the stuff she does. AT first her wardrobe wasn't too crazy. She was pretty basic long summery dresses, a hair bow, she pretty much looked like a normal celebrity.

With her "Paparazzi" single that's where she began to have a different fashion change. There were many crazy outfits. Who can forget the meat dress? I honestly thought that it was a very bold thing to do, and while many people critisized the dress I thought it was a very creative way to advertise how people wear leather and in a way it is technically like wearing raw meat on one's body.

On a note relating to me and Gaga I actually saw her at the Denver airport OH YEA. She brushed into me WHOOO. She was wearing heels without the backing ... A dark red lipstick, a weird coat, her hair was up kinda messy, dark sunglasses ... It was awesome.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Post

Once again I have work today ... SO I may or may not have enough energy to write a new *ACTUAL* post today.
I will leave you a wonderful image of something I WILL talk more in depth about soon :)

ENJOY !!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Alright so you will all be mad at me. Today I was unable to produce an actual post. Why?

I was only to work 5 hours (leave work at 315pm), someone called in sick ... I stayed for 9 full hours (got out at 730). AND to top it all off the buses here always come late (when I say late I don't mean 5-10 minutes ... I mean 20 or more minutes.) SO by the time the bus rolled around it was 825pm I got home at 9pm walking and all. I was so set on writing an actual blog post UNTIL I sat down for a bit. I realized how tired I was. [AND sad. My bf is probably asleep so no vidchat or im-ing or ANYTHING :( damn west coat being 3 hours behind the prestigious NY.]

Anyway. I apologize to all. I will definitely make up for it hopefully tomorrow, we shall see how work treats me.

Enjoy this drawing of a skull ... :D

Here ya goooooooo!!!

Okay so since I'm going to be at work for 5 hours, I decided to leave a beautiful drawing of someone with a bone on their head. It reminds me of Wilma, Betty and Pebbles all in one.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay so this is an obsession of mine. The wonderful show of House. This show is BEYOND amazing.

I was really one of those people that was like "We do NOT need another medical show." "Why do they keep coming up with more? Ugh really?" "WTF!!! NO MORE PLEASE!!!!!"

Yes I admit to watching Scrubs every so often and while I enjoyed it, I did not like the lack of ACTUAL doctoring. It got boring quickly. Only so many jokes will keep one interested. And this show was really based on comedy and their dysfunctional lives. And that Dr. Cox is such a horrible doctor. Trying to hard to be an asshole it just does not fit him at all. This show I would recommend to watch like two episodes a day MAX.

I never watched Grey's Anatomy, so I can not really offer any insight into this show. Even though Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey was one of the main characters in the show, I just never got interested in it. I guess because I saw even MORE doctor shows pop up EVERYWHERE.

And then House came along ...

And at first i was skeptical. VERY skeptical. I know it came out in 2004. But I didnt really start paying more attention to it until 2007 to now 2010. Why? Because of the whole doctor shows everywhere. And I've never really been one to follow shows consecutively. (A good example I watched the first complete season of Kyle XY. When the second season came along I watched a few of the episodes and then I stopped. *Hmm I wonder what happened to that show in the end*)

ANYWAY. A real REAL reason to watch House is Hugh Laurie. That man can act!!! He makes this role stand out. He not only has a doctor appeal and presence, he isn't your typical doctor.

What Laurie does in this role is incredible. He has a limp because of a misdiagnosis. He also has an addiction to pain killers, and he is also an alcoholic. He is also a genius, a liar (according to him "Everybody lies."), the biggest jerk asshole ever, yet he is still lovable.

This show actually offers insight into all these doctors' lives. Which I found lacking in a lot of shows. They either focused on pure comedy, or on cases not EVERYTHING that could happen. They focus on personal struggles, the doctors do not seem like super heroes or anything, you get actual people with actual issues. You get a feel that being a doctor is not all its hyped up to be.

The main thing that grabbed by attention (other than Hugh Laurie) was the CSI appeal the show has. It gives a different feel to the show. You begin to realize that some the final diagnosis does not come into their mind right away. They make mistakes and are human.

This show is awesome. All else fail on comparison. Over and out!!


Okay so now this blog is about the recent decisions in where the next two World Cups are going to be hosted. The people of the FIFA have decided to have the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, AND the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

So in ALL honesty I was quite upset with the Qatar decision and a little about the Russian decision mainly because I wanted the USA to hold one of those World Cups. So I did some researching here and there (mainly on the internet ... Okay ALL of it on the internet.) and saw how beautiful Qatar is. I can see why it would be a natural choice, the scenery, it's really safe, and well the stadiums they are planning to build promise to be AMAZING. I think that is one of the fascinating things about the world cup, the stadiums. The stadiums for the South Africa cup were just mind blowing. The designs of those stadiums especially the Johannesburg one. Wow. I can definitely say that I am excited to see these new stadiums.

As for all the talk about people hating on Qatar because of the weather. Who knows what might happen in 12 years. It might get hotter sue to global warming OR it might get colder. Global warming has a weird way of working SO we don't know what will happen STOP bitching. AND honestly most of these soccer players have special trainers that will get them ready to play in ANY sort of weather.

Anywho. We all have our eyes on Brazil now. 2014 will Brazil get their 6? Or will they not? How will Spain measure up? Will they win again? What about Germany? The German team was on FIRE this past world cup. They were definitely a squad to have ones eyes on. And still are. Or what about the Dutch? A the lovely orange. THAT was a TEAM. And even though we all look down on other teams ... Maybe Mexico could have a chance especially with the revelation of Javier "El Chicharito" Hernandez, the US could also have a chance being as they are probably upset about not having these next two cups ... Oh this is going to be one World Cup to watch EVERY match. AND I did not mention Italy or France because they just disappointed everyone.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mah Kitteh

THIS IS LUZIO.  He's my cat. Been my cat for years now.

Okay so honestly this is NOT the best drawing of him. He looks better AND more cuddly than that, I'm just having some fun drawing these things for now. I hope I get better at it soon.

Well now to get on with what this is all about. When we first got the cat like 11 years ago, my grandmother (she's the best grandmother ever and she's in Mexico) told us it was a girl. So I imagined this...

SO I was really excited to go to Mexico. Like REALLY excited ...

When the BIG day finally arrived we packed all the stuff in our van and off to Mexico we drove. For 3 days ...

So we get there. And wow what a trip. We were all through the east coast and some random states, like Arkansas. When we get there we are all tired and just want to relax. I meet kitteh and she's so cute. OR I think she's a she.

A few days later the vet comes for a house call, or actually NEVERMIND we take the kitteh to vet.

When the vet injects poor kitteh, he asks us the kittehs name.  I tell him that I named her Luz, and he's like well you might want to rename him. And then I'm all like ...

"I DON'T WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED A GIRL CAT!!!!!!!! I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!" *crying*

So once my temper calls down ... I end up warming up to him. AND didn't wanna leave him alone. EVER.

Check out Mah Kitteh #2

This past 2010 World Series

Okay well I'm going to start with the four teams. WHY? Because that's when the YANKEES were still in the game!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the four teams.

The Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers AND the BEST TEAM EVER The New York Yankees :D. As you can tell I am not biased I did NOT leave the best team for last.

Well as we ALL know the SF Giants won. Yay? No one really cares. Only people in SF. Why? BECAUSE if the Yankees won people would be hating THUS making a big deal of how the Yankees are just hugely based on money and how much money the Yankees have. AND more people would end up caring. Anyway small rant over. (I have the Yankees cap AND an EPIC Santa hat. pics to follow soon :D)

Okay so the Yankees were beat out by the Rangers *sad day for ALL Yankee fans* AND The Giants beat the Phillies *happy day for all the Yankee fans that HATE and DESPISE the Phillies*.

The end of this story is that well ... OH the Giants parade. SO I was on my way into SF that day. And the traffic was crazy. Well compared to NY traffic California traffic is really nothing. *OMG this is turning into another California hating rant .... WIN :D* But the parade DID slow down a lot of stuff in SF kinda made it feel like a city for a bit. But the buzz died quickly.

To end this post ... Yankee fans are amazing and crazy ... SF Giants fans are copy cats. (NOW this is the REAL end of this story.)

California vs New York

Okay being as this is my FIRST OFFICIAL blogpost (OMG I am sooooo excitedzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!) I felt the need to write about a current life situation. The fact that I am in FREAKING California.

Okay you might all be saying "What the HELL is so important about that? I mean it's your home state blah blah blah ... " WRONG! I do not originate from this state or rather maxi pad. I mean that is EXACTLY what it looks like ... Just saying.  I am a New Yorker. I came out here thinking *This could be a fun change like I've done the New York scene. Let's try something new for once.* Well I wish I hadn't. I completely HATE this place.

Some cool things are that well one doesn't have to be too worried about the whole pot thing here. I can tell you from experience. A bunch of us got pulled over with more than an ounce of pot in the car, the cop sees it and everything, they don't do much about it ... they say they will take it at the next block ... Once the cops get back in the car they pull another car over FORGET ALL ABOUT US. No ticket ... pot still stays. Pretty funny.

Another kinda cool thing are the highway buses, and the ferry OH AND THE CABLE CARS. I say this is a cool thing because of the amount of people that rely on these modes of transportation to get to work. San Francisco is a HUGE commuter city.( I mean not as big as New York City, there are less people here in SF) The amount of business people that take the public transportation is pretty incredible here. The cable cars are pretty cool. They give the city a unique vibe.

And that concludes the cool stuff of California. Everything else is bad. Time to elaborate on some of these.

There are just so many reasons for me as a New Yorker to dislike Cali. First off no FREAKING Subways!!!!!! How does one manage with out subways PLEASE tell me!!! The people here are fake nice. They will be all friendly to you but once you leave their side BOOM they change and talk mad shit about you.  The slang here is ridiculous. Hella, bunk, Yeeeeee ... among others (I mean I use it too, but man NY-ers are like more creative.) AND the people here have a LOW IQ. Like I feel as if my IQ has dropped down considerably since I've been here. 

The LACK of people. Honestly the first time I went into San Francisco it did not look like a city. It resembled more of a town until I remembered "Oh hey ... I'm in San Francisco. Were are ALL THE PEOPLE?!?!?!" Okay there were people it wasn't a COMPLETE ghost town but there were LOADS of people missing. There was no overcrowding, no wider sidewalks, nothing. Just regular everything. And I was disappointed.  :(

Concluding California nightmare.

ON TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Okay now you can tell by my AWESOME pic (it has rays of Godly light emitting from the surface! How much awesomer can that be???) Anyways. New York is pretty much the bomb. Once again that question "Why?". Well cuz J-Flo said so. J-Flo pretty much speaks the voice of reason. (Okay that's another blog there) But ONWARD ... Why New York is awesome!!!

1. NYC IS THE PLACE to be.
     - With this being said, New York is one of the cities that people wish they could hate but it's impossible to. You want to know how many people hate New York City??? 0!!!!!!! Want to know how many people want to travel to NY???? EVERYONE :D

2. NYC, the city that NEVER sleeps.
     - THIS is true. NYC is ALWAYS alive, like a beehive it never stops. Or better yet, it's like the Energizer Bunny. :D

3. "Empire State of Mind"
     - Jay-Z. Need I say more? I WILL. Actually just listen to his song ... It will ALL make sense.

4. YANKEES!!!!!!!
     - The Bronx Bombers. The men in the navy blue and white pinstripes. The team with the MOST World Series titles EVER. Babe Ruth. Derek Jeter. A-Rod!!!!! Teixeira. I could keep going I will stop ... Posada ... NOW.

5.  The New Yorkian Accent.
      - Caw-fee. WIN.

6. The people in NY.
     - We are not fake ass bitches. If we don't like you, we tell it to your face. We don't hide that.

And we have all the lights and Times Square AN EPIC Toys 'R Us ... and everything else. OH The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty ... yep.

In conclusion. NEW YORK is EPIC. California wishes they could compensate that with their maxi-pad size ... FAIL.