Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mah Kitteh

THIS IS LUZIO.  He's my cat. Been my cat for years now.

Okay so honestly this is NOT the best drawing of him. He looks better AND more cuddly than that, I'm just having some fun drawing these things for now. I hope I get better at it soon.

Well now to get on with what this is all about. When we first got the cat like 11 years ago, my grandmother (she's the best grandmother ever and she's in Mexico) told us it was a girl. So I imagined this...

SO I was really excited to go to Mexico. Like REALLY excited ...

When the BIG day finally arrived we packed all the stuff in our van and off to Mexico we drove. For 3 days ...

So we get there. And wow what a trip. We were all through the east coast and some random states, like Arkansas. When we get there we are all tired and just want to relax. I meet kitteh and she's so cute. OR I think she's a she.

A few days later the vet comes for a house call, or actually NEVERMIND we take the kitteh to vet.

When the vet injects poor kitteh, he asks us the kittehs name.  I tell him that I named her Luz, and he's like well you might want to rename him. And then I'm all like ...

"I DON'T WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED A GIRL CAT!!!!!!!! I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!" *crying*

So once my temper calls down ... I end up warming up to him. AND didn't wanna leave him alone. EVER.

Check out Mah Kitteh #2

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