Friday, December 3, 2010


Alright so you will all be mad at me. Today I was unable to produce an actual post. Why?

I was only to work 5 hours (leave work at 315pm), someone called in sick ... I stayed for 9 full hours (got out at 730). AND to top it all off the buses here always come late (when I say late I don't mean 5-10 minutes ... I mean 20 or more minutes.) SO by the time the bus rolled around it was 825pm I got home at 9pm walking and all. I was so set on writing an actual blog post UNTIL I sat down for a bit. I realized how tired I was. [AND sad. My bf is probably asleep so no vidchat or im-ing or ANYTHING :( damn west coat being 3 hours behind the prestigious NY.]

Anyway. I apologize to all. I will definitely make up for it hopefully tomorrow, we shall see how work treats me.

Enjoy this drawing of a skull ... :D

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