Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If you know me AT ALL ... You all knew a post like this was to come eventually. A WHOLE post dedicated to the AWESOME Lady Gaga. But as I am coming to realize now there is quite a lot to say regarding her. Her music, her way of dressing, and everything else that comes along with one being a celebrity.

AND if you knew me even more you would know that I would be listening to her music as well. (Right now "Summerboy")

Okay so onwards to awesome post, that I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to write!!!

(Now "Telephone")

Well since I am listening to "Telephone" at the moment let me talk about this song, even though it is a bit out of order to the actual song sequence. Anyway so this song I find to be very interesting. Why? Well the song itself is intensely catchy. It has a BIG party vibe to it, and it talks about ... Well not wanting to answer a phone call ... And then there's a club mentioned, and her heart has been left on the dance floor, and Beyonce steps in. SO this song is pretty much awesome. Well then the video comes along, and it is the complete opposite of the song, which I mean oh well it's Gaga right? The only thing is that this video while it is related to the "Paparazzi" video it does not fully fit the song. There's a jail, people dead in a diner, cigarette glasses, lots of poison, a pussy wagon ... AND dancing lots of dancing around dead people. I have nothing against this video I love the amount of work into it, the outfits are incredible (well with the exception of the last ones with the huge amount of fabric. My favorite of them all would have to be the caution tape outfit, the US flag outfit, AND the cigarette glasses [there are also some comb glasses which are pretty rad]). Anyway what I do like about this video is the fact that well we all assumed the video was going to be predictable, but in the end it turned out to be completely unpredictable!!!!! And I appreciated that. Why? Because if it was going to be a dance/party video it would have turned into another "Just Dance" video. Therefore disrupting the way that the Lady Gaga videos have become, and in the end that would have been a sad day for the real Gaga fans who actually appreciate her off the wall videos.


Okay so now there are many more songs, "the CLASSICS" ... "Pokerface","Love Game", ...  All these songs are great. These songs have a poppier feel. They all have a different theme to them by the way she sings them. Let's take "Pokerface" for example ... She sings in a monotone sort of voice. Which makes it sound as if she really has no emotions regarding to men. Why? Let's take this lyric "I won't tell you that I love you. Cuz I'm bluffin' with my muffin." That pretty much says all that's necessary about the song and her monotype voice. It all fits well. I have to say that this was a song I listened to a lot non-stop when I was in a relationship I did not want to be in. "Love Game" well that one is straight up all about sex, whether and gender does not matter at all. Funny thing, this song actually made me like Lady Gaga. I did not know it was her, I have a tendency to not really like female singers, but something about her made me actually like and want to listen to all her cds.

Okay so let us move away from the songs for a bit (I want to talk so much about the songs that I need to break it up now and again!)


Onto Gaga's clothing. It has always been a topic of discussion and controversy. I happen to appreciate her wardrobe. She obviously has some straight up courage to wear some of the stuff she does. AT first her wardrobe wasn't too crazy. She was pretty basic long summery dresses, a hair bow, she pretty much looked like a normal celebrity.

With her "Paparazzi" single that's where she began to have a different fashion change. There were many crazy outfits. Who can forget the meat dress? I honestly thought that it was a very bold thing to do, and while many people critisized the dress I thought it was a very creative way to advertise how people wear leather and in a way it is technically like wearing raw meat on one's body.

On a note relating to me and Gaga I actually saw her at the Denver airport OH YEA. She brushed into me WHOOO. She was wearing heels without the backing ... A dark red lipstick, a weird coat, her hair was up kinda messy, dark sunglasses ... It was awesome.

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