Wednesday, December 1, 2010

California vs New York

Okay being as this is my FIRST OFFICIAL blogpost (OMG I am sooooo excitedzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!) I felt the need to write about a current life situation. The fact that I am in FREAKING California.

Okay you might all be saying "What the HELL is so important about that? I mean it's your home state blah blah blah ... " WRONG! I do not originate from this state or rather maxi pad. I mean that is EXACTLY what it looks like ... Just saying.  I am a New Yorker. I came out here thinking *This could be a fun change like I've done the New York scene. Let's try something new for once.* Well I wish I hadn't. I completely HATE this place.

Some cool things are that well one doesn't have to be too worried about the whole pot thing here. I can tell you from experience. A bunch of us got pulled over with more than an ounce of pot in the car, the cop sees it and everything, they don't do much about it ... they say they will take it at the next block ... Once the cops get back in the car they pull another car over FORGET ALL ABOUT US. No ticket ... pot still stays. Pretty funny.

Another kinda cool thing are the highway buses, and the ferry OH AND THE CABLE CARS. I say this is a cool thing because of the amount of people that rely on these modes of transportation to get to work. San Francisco is a HUGE commuter city.( I mean not as big as New York City, there are less people here in SF) The amount of business people that take the public transportation is pretty incredible here. The cable cars are pretty cool. They give the city a unique vibe.

And that concludes the cool stuff of California. Everything else is bad. Time to elaborate on some of these.

There are just so many reasons for me as a New Yorker to dislike Cali. First off no FREAKING Subways!!!!!! How does one manage with out subways PLEASE tell me!!! The people here are fake nice. They will be all friendly to you but once you leave their side BOOM they change and talk mad shit about you.  The slang here is ridiculous. Hella, bunk, Yeeeeee ... among others (I mean I use it too, but man NY-ers are like more creative.) AND the people here have a LOW IQ. Like I feel as if my IQ has dropped down considerably since I've been here. 

The LACK of people. Honestly the first time I went into San Francisco it did not look like a city. It resembled more of a town until I remembered "Oh hey ... I'm in San Francisco. Were are ALL THE PEOPLE?!?!?!" Okay there were people it wasn't a COMPLETE ghost town but there were LOADS of people missing. There was no overcrowding, no wider sidewalks, nothing. Just regular everything. And I was disappointed.  :(

Concluding California nightmare.

ON TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Okay now you can tell by my AWESOME pic (it has rays of Godly light emitting from the surface! How much awesomer can that be???) Anyways. New York is pretty much the bomb. Once again that question "Why?". Well cuz J-Flo said so. J-Flo pretty much speaks the voice of reason. (Okay that's another blog there) But ONWARD ... Why New York is awesome!!!

1. NYC IS THE PLACE to be.
     - With this being said, New York is one of the cities that people wish they could hate but it's impossible to. You want to know how many people hate New York City??? 0!!!!!!! Want to know how many people want to travel to NY???? EVERYONE :D

2. NYC, the city that NEVER sleeps.
     - THIS is true. NYC is ALWAYS alive, like a beehive it never stops. Or better yet, it's like the Energizer Bunny. :D

3. "Empire State of Mind"
     - Jay-Z. Need I say more? I WILL. Actually just listen to his song ... It will ALL make sense.

4. YANKEES!!!!!!!
     - The Bronx Bombers. The men in the navy blue and white pinstripes. The team with the MOST World Series titles EVER. Babe Ruth. Derek Jeter. A-Rod!!!!! Teixeira. I could keep going I will stop ... Posada ... NOW.

5.  The New Yorkian Accent.
      - Caw-fee. WIN.

6. The people in NY.
     - We are not fake ass bitches. If we don't like you, we tell it to your face. We don't hide that.

And we have all the lights and Times Square AN EPIC Toys 'R Us ... and everything else. OH The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty ... yep.

In conclusion. NEW YORK is EPIC. California wishes they could compensate that with their maxi-pad size ... FAIL.

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  1. LoL. I read this post and I STILL love it!!!!!