Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This past 2010 World Series

Okay well I'm going to start with the four teams. WHY? Because that's when the YANKEES were still in the game!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the four teams.

The Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers AND the BEST TEAM EVER The New York Yankees :D. As you can tell I am not biased I did NOT leave the best team for last.

Well as we ALL know the SF Giants won. Yay? No one really cares. Only people in SF. Why? BECAUSE if the Yankees won people would be hating THUS making a big deal of how the Yankees are just hugely based on money and how much money the Yankees have. AND more people would end up caring. Anyway small rant over. (I have the Yankees cap AND an EPIC Santa hat. pics to follow soon :D)

Okay so the Yankees were beat out by the Rangers *sad day for ALL Yankee fans* AND The Giants beat the Phillies *happy day for all the Yankee fans that HATE and DESPISE the Phillies*.

The end of this story is that well ... OH the Giants parade. SO I was on my way into SF that day. And the traffic was crazy. Well compared to NY traffic California traffic is really nothing. *OMG this is turning into another California hating rant .... WIN :D* But the parade DID slow down a lot of stuff in SF kinda made it feel like a city for a bit. But the buzz died quickly.

To end this post ... Yankee fans are amazing and crazy ... SF Giants fans are copy cats. (NOW this is the REAL end of this story.)

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