Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay so this is an obsession of mine. The wonderful show of House. This show is BEYOND amazing.

I was really one of those people that was like "We do NOT need another medical show." "Why do they keep coming up with more? Ugh really?" "WTF!!! NO MORE PLEASE!!!!!"

Yes I admit to watching Scrubs every so often and while I enjoyed it, I did not like the lack of ACTUAL doctoring. It got boring quickly. Only so many jokes will keep one interested. And this show was really based on comedy and their dysfunctional lives. And that Dr. Cox is such a horrible doctor. Trying to hard to be an asshole it just does not fit him at all. This show I would recommend to watch like two episodes a day MAX.

I never watched Grey's Anatomy, so I can not really offer any insight into this show. Even though Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey was one of the main characters in the show, I just never got interested in it. I guess because I saw even MORE doctor shows pop up EVERYWHERE.

And then House came along ...

And at first i was skeptical. VERY skeptical. I know it came out in 2004. But I didnt really start paying more attention to it until 2007 to now 2010. Why? Because of the whole doctor shows everywhere. And I've never really been one to follow shows consecutively. (A good example I watched the first complete season of Kyle XY. When the second season came along I watched a few of the episodes and then I stopped. *Hmm I wonder what happened to that show in the end*)

ANYWAY. A real REAL reason to watch House is Hugh Laurie. That man can act!!! He makes this role stand out. He not only has a doctor appeal and presence, he isn't your typical doctor.

What Laurie does in this role is incredible. He has a limp because of a misdiagnosis. He also has an addiction to pain killers, and he is also an alcoholic. He is also a genius, a liar (according to him "Everybody lies."), the biggest jerk asshole ever, yet he is still lovable.

This show actually offers insight into all these doctors' lives. Which I found lacking in a lot of shows. They either focused on pure comedy, or on cases not EVERYTHING that could happen. They focus on personal struggles, the doctors do not seem like super heroes or anything, you get actual people with actual issues. You get a feel that being a doctor is not all its hyped up to be.

The main thing that grabbed by attention (other than Hugh Laurie) was the CSI appeal the show has. It gives a different feel to the show. You begin to realize that some the final diagnosis does not come into their mind right away. They make mistakes and are human.

This show is awesome. All else fail on comparison. Over and out!!

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